1. Mission, vision, and values - for a solo freelancer? careers consultancy professional development

    Reflections on a ZingTrain webinar on creating a mission, vision, and values for your company.

  2. Hacktoberfest 2020 hacktoberfest hackathon open source write the docs

    A virtual hackathon for Hacktoberfest 2020.

  3. Become a tech writer: a quickstart guide technical writing technical author careers professional development

    In the spirit of a code quickstart, this is a quick, opinionated, description of one possible tech writing learning path.

  4. Setting up the Huawei Honor Band 5 huawei mobile wearables

    The steps for setting up the Huawei Honor Band 5 are not simple if you don't have a Huawei phone. This short article provides workarounds for a few issues, including Huawei Health and Huawei Mobile Services not running, and the missing oximeter.

  5. Deploy a MadCap Flare webhelp to Netlify netlify madcap flare

    Sharing a sample project and quickstart for how to deploy a MadCap Flare webhelp output to Netlify's hosting.

  6. Deploying MkDocs with Material theme to Netlify technical writing jamstack netlify

    Key points when deploying MkDocs projects to Netlify.

  7. Getting the most out of online communities networking consultancy

    Some tips for networking, learning and living in online professional communities.

  8. Starting a new TDD Laravel project Laravel Test driven development TDD

    My personal Laravel quickstart, for a Laravel project with test driven development.

  9. Decisions in a short doc technical writing

    An insight into the number of decisions a tech writer makes, even in a short document.

  10. Edit a file on GitHub github open source

    How to make small edits directly on GitHub.

  11. How to 'exit' git branch git

    Using git branch can bring up a long list of branches. This is how to 'exit' the list.

  12. Hacktoberfest 2019 hacktoberfest hackathon open source write the docs

    A virtual hackathon for Hacktoberfest 2019.

  13. AWS CLI errors on Windows 10 aws aws cli windows

    Two issues when getting up and running with AWS CLI on Windows 10: no module named awscli.clidriver and unknown encoding: idna.

  14. When Curl isn't Curl curl powershell windows Invoke-WebRequest

    Curl in PowerShell and Curl elsewhere are not the same thing.

  15. Vilnius 2019 notes: Legacy docs conference write the docs legacy docs

    Notes from the legacy docs conference talk at Write the Docs Vilnius 2019

  16. Vilnius 2019 notes: Internal docs conference write the docs dev docs internal docs

    Notes from the dev docs conference talk at Write the Docs Vilnius 2019

  17. Vilnius 2019 notes: Documenting a new field conference write the docs greenfield new field

    Notes from the documenting a new ecosystem talk at Write the Docs Vilnius 2019

  18. Vilnius 2019 notes: Microcopy conference write the docs microcopy

    Notes from the microcopy conference talk at Write the Docs Vilnius 2019

  19. Why the short blog posts? blogging

    My blogging inspiration and purpose.

  20. Option selection bug in CLIs on Windows Node.js Windows 10 Windows CMD Powershell Windows

    When you can't use your arrow keys to select options in CMD or Powershell.

  21. Find and remove AWS services AWS

    Check what AWS services you are using, and remove them.

  22. Create a Hugo shortcode Hugo tutorial static site generator

    Learn about Hugo shortcodes, and build a simple example.

  23. Quick cookie consent GDPR cookies analytics

    Add basic cookie consent to your website